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Mar 5, 2012 4:30am EST
" at 4:30. >>> a little girl who survived after her family was killed in indiana after a deadly tornado has died. she was taken off life support on sunday bringing the death toll to 39 people now. in alabama, the governor toured the damage there. and offered words of support to residents who are cleaning up and rebuilding. >> one of the things that the lord doesn't give us the ability to foresee the future and that's kind of good. we have to be prepared. and it's so nice to see all the wonderful volunteers out here today and i am thankful to see how the people in alabama care about each other. >> a lot of stories to tell you about the storms state tuned for g. and we will have live reports from indiana. >>> that tornado throughout alabama remember the toc cay lose cay -- tuscaloosa tore nato. -- tornado. >> and it's so hard to sea and you have to fill in they have to clean up and we have snow in the areas. so some of the hardest hit areas getting snow like ohio, portions of ohio and west virginia and even back into kentucky and even into indiana this morning. again, you are from severe
Mar 6, 2012 4:30am EST
the tornado uprooted homes in indiana, now under a blanket of snow. homeowners say the snow is soaking belongs they don't have left to save and could take weeks before the power is restored in indiana. that and more on this tuesday morning. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. we will get things started with lynette charles. >>> not a lot going on this morning. we got a couple of snow showers across the area. nothing sticking yesterday, though. the chill continues, temperatures will be below normal again, plenty of sunshine in the forecast and a surge of warm air and then we have rain by the end of the week. today is going to be a calm day. we are nice and dry. we have all five sweeps on scanning the skies. we are cold. temperatures coming in below average, 27 degrees now in to aberdeen. arnold 27. clarksville 25. a little bit on the gusty side yesterday afternoon in to the evening. those died down a bit and that's the good news as well. heading out and about, have the heavy coat. i will talk about the warm upcoming up. now a check of the traffic with angela. >>
Mar 7, 2012 4:30am EST
in indiana. officials say 42 in all hit 10 states killing a total of 40 people. >>> now the forecast and lynette. what is going on? >> not a lot but we're going to see images like that for a while. the good news is, as we look across the middle of the nation, indiana looks nice, we had a few clouds trying to stream in here as well as kentucky. this is courtesy of a warm front. so we have a new system that is going to try to get in here not today but maybe as we head into your friday. a cold front passing through but no type of cold weather for today. this morning, not so bad, temperatures are above average, not as cold as yesterday. remember, we were in the 20s. we zoom in across the satellite and radar to our area and looking good. we have clear skies, that will translate into lots of sunshine, as we go more into the afternoon. also once that sun starts to rise. right now though, talking about the temperatures, telling you they were not as bad as yesterday. well, they are not. check out annapolis with the temperature coming in around 39 degrees. more of the same in sparrows point. a
Mar 19, 2012 4:30am EDT
in indiana refinery located in the northwest part of the statech the incident took place yesterday afternoon. authorities say it led to nitrous oxide and i'd row general sulfide emis. no word on how it could affect gas prices in that region. rising gas prices may put a hold on the president's clean energy initiativech the environmental protection agency may delay implementing clean he energy standards because those rules could lead to even higher gas prices. the obama administration said that the increase would only be a penny per gallon and not until 2017. >>> occupy wall street movement in new york city returned to where it began. officers arrested 74 protest he is and refused to let them take over zuccotti part. the overnight demonstration was six months after the occupy movement began. >> our rights and obligation to change the government and right we dislike the government. we need to change it. >> some of the protesters accused police of abuse. the occupy movement started as a protest against income in equality and corporate greed. >>> severe weather has taken aim in california. a muds
Mar 20, 2012 4:30am EDT
for women. researchers from indiana found some women can expert or gasms when they are -- or gasms when they are doing certain exercises. weight lifting and yoga. 40% of women surveyed claimed it happened to them more than ten times. >>> police are investigating break ins at two medical facilities, authorities are wondering for the crimes are politically motivated. two offices have been broken in to in the last two weeks. the thieves took laptop computers, all laptops stolen contain professional and personal information of more than 1000 doctors. the part that has law enforcement think they are connected is because they are lobbying against antiabortion bills by the general assembly in the state. >>> this morning, the mayor of a town in alabama has kept secret from his residents. he worked under cover for the fbi. he was working to put illegal gamers out of business. harris was wearing wires for the fbi and made an agreement with the now defendants to keep quiet about gaming facilities. the plea deal was entered on thursday in exchange for a lesser sentence. >>> a school district in mas
Mar 21, 2012 4:30am EDT
indiana. kids will be returning to class after the tornado in early march. but things will look different the henryville staff are working to decorate the new classrooms for their temporary home which is a nearby church. parents got a sneak peek yesterday. >> it feels like a school to me. and that is the community in henryville. wherever the teachers are, it will be henryville. >> they have plenty of supplies and everything else that the students need. it's nice to see things move along. >>> you're right. they're getting a break today to go back to school. but that long stream moisture sliding across the middle part of the nation again. there is a severe weather threat into louisiana for today and also arkansas. so we'll keep our eye on that this system is one that will work its way in here for us over the weekend. but in the meantime, we're dealing with foggy conditions this morning. and west clouds hovering at the ground and overahead. we see that the air is saturated a hundred percent. very humid this morning. let's talk about the fog and get a check of the traffic. >>> good morning. i
Mar 2, 2012 4:30am EST
and then will end in california with a rally in sacramento on monday. >>> indiana now a man is recovering after a 3,000-pound concrete vault fell on a graveyard worker. he survived. the vault pinned him on wednesday morning. he and a coworker were lowering that vault into the ground when the accident happened. doctors say the man lost some circulation to his legs but will otherwise be fine. >>> we've learned overnight skiers swept away in an after lampleg near lake tahoe has died. one of them was able to get out and call for help. rescue teams reached the man a couple of hours later and got him to an ambulance. he later died at a hospital. rescuers say the group was skiing in the back country area in the mountains. >>> near sacramento, california, a car crashed into one -- not one, but three homes in northern california. police say the jeep cherokee driver was going so fast yesterday, he smashed through a curb, went through a fence, hit a tree stump and plowed through three homes. that jeep finally careened into house number three, smashing into the side of that building. no word yet on any charges
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7